Attention: Virtual Organizers and Professional Organizers

“Get the Know-how to Start, Run, and Grow a Profitable Virtual Organizing Business — Right Here”

Virtual Organizer Working from HomeThese days, business is becoming increasingly virtual. And why not? Going virtual gives you the flexibility to work anywhere you want, and it instantly expands your client base (and earning potential!) from a limited local market to an unlimited global one.

But “virtuality” is a little tricky for professional organizers, who are so used to working hands-on with clients.

In fact, the first question that usually pops into the mind of an aspiring Virtual Organizer is: “How do I make this work?” Shortly followed by a million other questions…

“The Answers to Your Virtual Organizing Questions – SOLVED!”

Let’s face it — starting, running, and growing a Virtual Organizing business is a challenge. But it’s a challenge made much, much easier with the right guidance and tools.

UNTIL the International Association of Virtual Organizers (IAVO) formed, there were many resources available on…

  • How to become a professional organizer,
  • How to organize clients one-on-one, and
  • How to run a brick-and-mortar organizing business.

But there were very few resources on how to have a successful online organizing business or how to “do” Virtual Organizing.

Virtual Organizer Keys to SuccessThat’s why IAVO was created — to fill that gap.

So if you are thinking of starting a Virtual Organizing company or adding Virtual Organizing services as an additional income stream, then YOU are the very reason IAVO exists — to help you get the answers to all your questions about Virtual Organizing.

For example,

  • How can I succeed as a professional organizer in the online world?
  • How do I pick the best online business model to support what I want to accomplish with my Virtual Organizing business?
  • (And the most frequently asked question) How do I help a client organize their space when I’m not physically present with them?

“Use Virtual Organizing to Create Extra Income ($$$) Each Month…
Easily and Consistently!”

Virtual Organizer Success and ProfitsAnd, yes, it is EASY with IAVO! Because IAVO gives you the tools, systems, and strategies you need to create your own success, both online and offline.

Wondering what a few of those resources are? Here are the top choices from our membership:

  • The 6-part audio series called “Fast-Track Your Online Organizing Business” that shows you step-by-step how to easily use email, the Internet, and information marketing to leverage your business and create additional income…in ANY economy. (Note: Next class starts Wednesday, October 6, 2010.)
  • The Virtual Toolkit that gives you instant access to over 100 of the best web companies for graphics and web design, product fulfillment, merchant and cart accounts, article posting, audio recording, teleconference recording, virtual assistants, web marketing, and more.
  • The IAVO member badge that you can showcase on your website and blog, lending credibility to your business and the industry.

“Are You Ready to Take Your Virtual Organizing Business — and Your
Income — to the Next Level?”

Great! Then let’s get you moving in the right direction…

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