The Mission

Virtual Organizers from Around the World Join IAVO The mission of the International Association of Virtual Organizers is to provide support and education to Virtual Organizers and other organizing professionals from around the world.

IAVO empowers these organizing experts to grow their businesses virtually through websites, blogs, e-zines, e-books, affiliate marketing, article writing, teleseminars, webinars, virtual coaching or consulting, and more.

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The Idea

With the rise of technology, Virtual Organizing promises to become more and more popular.

At the moment, there are many resources available on…

  • How to become a professional organizer,
  • How to organize clients one-on-one, and
  • How to run a brick-and-mortar organizing business.

But there are very few resources on how to have a successful online organizing business or how to “do” Virtual Organizing.

In 2010, IAVO was created to fill that gap — and help organizing professionals successfully start, run, and grow their Virtual Organizing business.

The Founder

Carmen Coker, Virtual Organizer and IAVO Founder Carmen Coker is the owner of Clutterbugs and Organized Entrepreneur, and she is also the founder of IAVO.

When Carmen started her journey to becoming a Virtual Organizer in 2007, it wasn’t a case of her “choosing” Virtual Organizing but rather a case of Virtual Organizing “choosing” her.

With a husband in the U.S. military, relocation to a new part of the globe every 1 – 3 years is a fact of life. And so is losing all her local organizing clients whom she worked so hard to earn!

Needless to say, Virtual Organizing has become the perfect vehicle for Carmen, because she can now easily take her projects, her clients, and her business wherever she’s stationed in the world.

Today, Carmen has a thriving online presence, offering Virtual Organizing services such as information products, teleclasses, and working one-on-one with clients via the phone and web.

In addition to virtual work with clients, she has authored…

  • The Clutterbugs’ Guide series
  • 101 Days to a More Organized You
  • The Clutterbugs’ Planner
  • Cheap Organizers: Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose Your Way to an Organized Home

…with more in the works. Her expertise has been exhibited through several national and local media outlets, including Real Simple magazine and Better Homes and Gardens’ Scrapbooks, etc magazine.

Carmen is currently working virtually from Cambridge, United Kingdom, helping clients create and maintain organizing systems that support their desired lifestyle and work style.


The official abbreviation for the International Association of Virtual Organizers is IAVO, and that is pronounced “eye-av-oh.”