“It’s a Shame for You Not to Earn Money When It’s So Easy!”

When you tell others about the International Association of Virtual Organizers (IAVO), you can earn instant income — no recruiting, no multi-level marketing, no products to sell, no meetings to attend. Simply add your affiliate link to your website, blog, email signature, or forum and start earning money!

Or read more about the IAVO Affiliate program below…

Question #1: Why Should I Become an IAVO Affiliate?

Virtual Organizer Enjoys Extra Cash from IAVO Affiliate ProgramYou receive a commission for every visitor who clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase. That means that on each and every sale of IAVO memberships, products, and programs you’ll earn money. Just let people know about us and here’s what you’ll get:

IAVO Member Affiliates

  • IAVO members earn up to $70 for every pay-in-full membership referred
  • Earn 20% on all other sales
  • Are already pre-approved

    Note: You will not receive commission on your own IAVO membership or product purchases.

Non-IAVO Member Affiliates

  • Non-IAVO members will earn up to $35 for every pay-in-full membership referred
  • Earn 10% on all other sales
  • Approval subject to website review

Question #2: Who Can Become an IAVO Affiliate?
The IAVO affiliate program is open to anybody living anywhere in the world, as long as…

  • You have internet access.
  • You only use ethical marketing methods to promote IAVO. (No Spammy emails!)
  • You do not showcase IAVO via offensive websites or marketing.

Question #3: What Do I Have to Do as an IAVO Affiliate?

You surely don’t have to become a salesperson or have lots of techie knowledge. Just invite others to visit the IAVO website!

Simply point your affiliate links to the IAVO membership page, any IAVO product, or even direct them to take advantage of the free e-report called “7 Secrets to Virtual Organizing Success” on the sidebar of every page of this website.

IAVO will take care of everything else.

Question #4: How Will I Know I Made a Sale?
When a person visits our web site using your unique affiliate link, a small snippet of code (a cookie) is placed on their computer, so that the IAVO system can recognize purchases made from your referral.

It doesn’t matter if they purchase anything on their first visit or a year later — the IAVO system will recognize your affiliate code and credit you with a commission. When this happens, you will receive an email notification about every sale.

Question #5: How Will I Receive My Commission?
Commissions are paid via PayPal (in US Dollar-equivalent) on a monthly basis once your total commission reaches $100.

Question #6: Where Do I Go With Questions and/or Concerns?
If you have questions, please email affiliates@virtualorganizersconnect.com. We’ll be happy to help you.

Question #7: How Do I Join the IAVO Affiliate Program?
Well, it’s easy! Simply click on the BLUE BUTTON at the bottom of this page, and you’ll be taken to the registration form.

Question #8: What Happens After I Register?

Big Check Coming Your Way, Courtesy of IAVO!Membership has its privileges. All IAVO members are pre-approved and will receive their activation code and affiliate links within 24 – 72 business hours.

All Non-IAVO applicants will have their sites manually screened for suitability. Once approved, Non-IAVO affiliates will receive their activation code within 72 business hours.

All approved affiliates will get their affiliate link as well as detailed instructions on the best ways to create opportunities to spread the word about IAVO. Make sure to save that message in a place where you can retrieve it and refer to it at a later time, if needed.

Thanks for your interest in telling others about the International Association of Virtual Organizers! Your contribution as an IAVO Affiliate is invaluable and greatly appreciated.