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Virtual Organizers Connect via IAVOConnect with the other professionals worldwide who are using the International Association of Virtual Organizers (IAVO) to build a profitable and thriving online business in the organizing industry.

On this page, you will discover the many reasons why an IAVO membership is a SMART INVESTMENT in your future.

Additionally, you’ll find the answers to the 5 most popular FAQs about IAVO, including…

  • What is a Virtual Organizer?
  • Who can join IAVO?
  • How is IAVO different from the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)?
  • What are the IAVO member benefits?
  • How much does IAVO membership cost?

What Is a Virtual Organizer?

A Virtual Organizer is an individual or entity that either teaches organizing skills or provides organizing services and products. Virtual Organizers generate all or part of their income via the internet through websites, blogs, e-zines or e-newsletters, affiliate marketing, article writing, teleclasses, webinars, information products, and virtual coaching or consulting.

Who Can Join IAVO?

Any Organizing Professional Can Join IAVOAlthough the majority of IAVO members are professional organizers and associated vendors, there are many other experts who enjoy the benefits of IAVO membership.

Our members include event stylists, wedding planners, personal and virtual assistants, interior decorators, Feng Shui consultants, bookkeepers, estate planners, home stagers, relocation specialists, and all associated vendors.

Essentially, an IAVO member can be anyone who works in an organizing-related field and wants to have a vibrant online business.

How is IAVO Different from the National Association of Professional
Organizers (NAPO)?

We like to ask this question as “How does an IAVO membership complement a NAPO membership?” Because an IAVO membership is designed to do just that: complement.

Virtual Organizing is a facet of professional organizing. Generally speaking, NAPO teaches you the basics of how to be a professional organizer and how to transfer those skills to a client. IAVO takes those basic professional organizing principles and builds upon them, specifically with regard to transferring organizational skills virtually, via the phone and web.

In other words, IAVO gives you the know-how you need to start, run, and grow an ONLINE organizing business with ONLINE marketing strategies.

Note: In this example, you could replace the phrase “NAPO” with other similar organizations like “Professional Organizers in Canada” or the UK’s “Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.”

What Are the Benefits of IAVO Membership?

The goal of IAVO is to help you solve your business problems. Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out, you’ll find the resources you need to create your own success with IAVO.

Benefit #1:
The Know-How to “FAST-TRACK Your
Online Organizing Business”

This course teaches how any organizing professional (including YOU!) can EASILY use email, the Internet, and information marketing to leverage their business and create extra income…in ANY economy!

Here’s just a small bite of what’s inside this 6-part audio course:

  • How to determine if your business idea is a long-term investment worth making
  • How to ensure you have the right tools, systems, and supplies to get set-up and ready to accept paying customers
  • How to put on your “success hat” and gear up to be a real-life, PROFITABLE business owner
  • How to protect your ideas and brand, online and offline
  • The 3 most important things to do to minimize risks of legal trouble from your website
  • The tools for protecting yourself and your business as you work with vendors, service providers, and independent contractors
  • The 8 types of proven online business models and which type may be right for YOU, your expertise, and lifestyle
  • The “must-have” ingredients to turn any of the 8 online business models into a profit-making machine
  • How to decide the next steps for your preferred business model, ensuring you move quickly toward the company and lifestyle of your dreams
  • How to create a system for working with clients, including one-on-one or group settings
  • How to develop virtual service packages and determine what to charge for your services
  • How to host a virtual organizing session with a client, even if you never step foot in their home
  • The *secret weapon* that will draw hot prospects to you easily and quickly
  • What website elements are crucial to keeping visitors on your site — and buying
  • How to write website copy that sells (but isn’t salesy) and exudes your authentic voice
  • The #1 best kept online marketing secret — and how it will ensure you make money every week
  • The current trends in social media and how you can exploit them to boost your publicity and profile
  • How to turn off-line business networking contacts into big online paydays

Total Value: $597

Benefit #2:
The Time-Saving (and Money-Saving!)
Virtual Toolkit Including ONLY THE BEST
Virtual Resources

The Virtual Toolkit, an IAVO Member BenefitWhile building her online business, IAVO founder Carmen Coker not only made tons of mistakes but also spent thousands of dollars on training — learning a lot along the way through personal experience.

The Virtual Toolkit provides you with the resources that Carmen uses and recommends for starting, running, and growing your Virtual Organizing business. The Virtual Toolkit will save you tons of time, effort, and money otherwise spent on trial-and-error that leads nowhere.

With The Virtual Toolkit, you’ll receive instant access to over 100 of the best web companies for graphics and web design, product fulfillment, merchant and cart accounts, article posting, audio recording, teleconference recording, virtual assistants, web marketing, and more.

Total Value: $497

Benefit #3:
The Virtual Factor Newsletter That Keeps
Up With Internet Trends and Technology…
So You Don’t Have To!

The Virtual Factor is a monthly e-newsletter that provides you with the latest and greatest in the Virtual Organizing industry, including tips, techie tools, products, and services that will make your life as a business owner easier and more fulfilling.

In addition to all of the training materials you’ll receive in The Virtual Factor, you will also be provided with the opportunity to showcase your expertise and company offerings through article writing or advertising.

Total Value: $247

Benefit #4:
Membership Display Badge to “Wow”
Your Website Visitors and Future Clients

Download an IAVO badge to display on your website and in your marketing materials, instantly boosting your professional status and credibility with potential clients and web visitors alike.

Total Value: Priceless

Benefit #5:
The Classic Business Success Book
Think and Grow Rich That Can Help You
Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

Think and Grow Rich with IAVO
All members receive a complimentary digital copy of the popular business book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (and it’s THE original text).

This book, as explains, will give you the “…money-making secrets that can change your life. Inspired by Andrew Carnegie’s magic formula for success, this book will teach you the secrets that will bring you a fortune. It will show you not only what to do but how to do it. Once you learn and apply the simple, basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success. And you may have whatever you want in life. ”

Total Value: $17

Benefit #6:
Special Members-Only Discounts and
Offers on Leading-Edge Virtual Training

At IAVO, we believe investing in your professional education is extremely important. That’s why, we want to give you the opportunity to do so…BELOW cost. As a member, you’ll receive 10-25% off additional training courses, products, and more — as they become available throughout the year.

Total Value: Between $100 – $1000

Benefit #7:
The Ability to EARN BACK Your
Membership Fees IN-FULL Through
IAVO Affiliate Partnership

Virtual Organizers Bring in Big $$$ as IAVO AffiliatesIAVO membership makes you an automatic IAVO affiliate partner. When you help IAVO grow its membership, you receive $70 for every pay-in-full member you refer and an additional 20% commission from every sale of IAVO products.

And IAVO members are already pre-approved, so you can start making money from affiliate referrals within hours of signing up.

Total Value: $70 per pay-in-full membership (and NO CAP on earning potential)

Benefit #8:
Easy Access to IAVO Tools and
Resources from Anywhere, Anytime

When you become an IAVO member, you are provided access to a members-only forum. This forum organizes all of the above benefits into a neatly-packaged reference center. Instead of having to keep track of all these resources on your own, IAVO does it for you. And this exclusive forum is available to you online, 24/7, from wherever you are!

Total Value: $97


IAVO is constantly developing more resources which will be added to member’s benefits as they become available.

How Much Does IAVO Membership Cost?

If you are already a Virtual Organizer or you want to become one, IAVO is the perfect place for you to grow. IAVO will provide you with the right guidance, tools, and resources, so that you can have a thriving and profitable business, beyond your wildest expectations.

The membership benefits for IAVO retail for over $2000 when bought separately, but for IAVO members, benefits are bundled and offered at a fraction of the cost…

Our limited-time, introductory membership rates and payment options are below. Hurry while these prices last!

So…which EASY payment option do you prefer?


Sorry! There are no open memberships available at this time. If you would like to be notified of membership open enrollment periods, product availability, and more information about virtual organizing, please enter your contact details below.